When the term cosmetic surgery comes up, the very few things that come up in mind are correction of nose, breast augmentations and similar. A few may be aware of while many may not know that cosmetic surgery does not mean just going under the knife. There are also many non-surgical ways that helps in changing the look of a person. If you are in need of such a surgery, you should know that there are various types of cosmetic procedures available that can change the way you look or enhance the beauty of a part of your body which you always wanted to have.

It is totally a personal choice and it should be done for your own benefit because no one’s going share your pain except you. But, if you are doing this for someone’s desires or to fit somewhere or in someone’s life then it is suggested not to go this far. The reason is that cosmetic surgery is not covered by any type of health insurance.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery


Having a sagging upper arm has become quite common in many people who are high in weight. Also people reaching old age often experience such upper arms sagging muscles that can lead to disappointments. Brachioplasty is a method through which the sagging muscles of the upper arms are tightened to provide you a fit shape. This also helps the older people to look young.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the new option that people are opting to get a heavier breast size. Mainly this method is tried upon by women who are of very slim figure and wish to get an hour glass shape.

The method of breast augmentation is also at times known by the medical term mammaplasty. It helps many women to get a fuller and properly projected breast shape. This procedure can enhance your self-image and self-confidence. But there are things that breast augmentation won’t be able to cure such as severely drooping breasts which will need breast lift also along with breast augmentation to look fuller.


A procedure to become slim or reshape a part of the body by removing the excess fat from that part of the body is to improve the appearance and proportion. This procedure is mainly used in localized parts of the body where fat tends to deposit itself such as thighs, hips and buttocks, abdomen and waist, upper arms, back, inner knee, chest area and even cheeks and neck.


Botulinum toxin also known as Botox has been mainly derived from a kind of bacteria. When someone is injected with a proper dose of Botulinum toxin, the muscles get paralyzed and hence they do not shrink to create wrinkles.


There is no doubt that our society today places a great importance on the way people look, to look younger and better. Because looking younger can even helps people to their jobs or to get a promotion that is why middle aged men and women around the age of 35 are getting these cosmetic surgeries.